About the Journal

The Journal of Vocational Health Science is an Open Access Scientific Journal published by the Nursing Study Program, Politeknik Negeri Indramayu. This Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original articles in all areas of nursing, public health, medical science, biomedical technology, and biomedical technology laboratory. Journal of vocational Health Science started published quarterly per volume.  

Nursing and Medical Science: Psychiatric nursing, maternity, medical surgical nursing, community nursing, emergency nursing, intensive nursing, pediatric nursing, gerontology nursing, management nursing, and family nursing. 

Public Health : Epidemiology, health education and promotion, health behavior, occupational health, and safety. 

Biomedical Technology : Medical Electronics Engineering Technology and Biomedical Informatics.

Biomedical Technology Laboratory: Microbiology, immunology, parasitology, and clinical chemistry.